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February 8, 1952

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#7968    FRAGONARD, Jean Honore  continued

[[underlined]] Mentioned [[/underlined]]
[[underlined]] Reproduced [[/underlined]  (reproduced p. 3).

Michel Florisoone, "Portraits Francais" Paris (Edit. Galerie Charpentier) 1946 p. 114.

("J.H. Fragonard - Hubert Robert (entre 1756 et 1767). Collection particuliere") reproduced.

[[underlined]] Notes [[/underlined]]:

When this portrait was originally in the Doistau collection, experts Marius Paulme & Lasquin fils, mentioned it just as Fragonard, J.H. - "Portrait d'Homme". 

PRICE - $68,000.-

(Sixty-eight thousand 00/100 dollars)

#7946 BOLOGNA, Giovanni da (1524 Rome-1608 Bologna)

[[underlined]] "CUPID" [[/underlined]]

White marble:  29" high.

The unclad graceful figure of Cupid is standing upright, his head crowned with curls, looking left. His quiver filled with arrows and slung over his left shoulder is at his right acting as a support to him. His right foot placed on a rock on which his quiver stands. With his left hand he holds the quiver while with his right he pulls out an arrow. 

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