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Saturday the 7th

Nastya, my darling

I received your letter during supper - I was sitting in the cafe with the owners. I was overjoyed. When I finished reading it, I almost Broke into tears. Nastya, my dear, my love, you must not cry. I kiss you passionately, so passionately! My love, my dear girl, smile and rejoice. We'll be together, my little girl, together by all means we'll often fly together, then study - also together. We'll be together for the whole life!  The road ahead of us Nastya, is long and promising ... will we perish?  No, my little girl, we won't!

I miss you terribly. Will you come here? As soon as I sign my contract, I'll go to the country near the field, there is a "boarding house" - and you will come to me.

We will finaly deal with the contract on Monday.  That is we signed it today but it is not valid yet because, at my wish, the date and the period of validity have not been filled in.

First of all, to fly for this company will be [[underlined]] much safer than anywhere else. [[/underlined]] They don't believe in "exhibition".  They wont send me far away, they want me to fly over the field here, mostly. What kind of danger is this!

You know how difficult it is to earn something during winter. There is no company which would pay that kind of money [[underlined]] during winter time [[/underlined]] and not a single pilot who'd refuse to be employed under such conditions. I'll earn and put away at least $3,400 during 8 months of winter that is 34 weeks, in a relatively safe, trivial job.

In case I don't want to be with them in october, I'll simply tell them. They won't argue, believe me, and we'll part peacefully. The'll lose, if anything.

The'll "release" me and take someone else for the job. Many of the best people will go to them in winter and [[agree?]] to 

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