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without stinting either text or illustrations. Each issue of this magazine covers the entire field of aero-philately giving news of forthcoming airpost stamps and new flights. Feature articles, written by the foremost students of the hobby, are presented each month to provide that background which is so essential to the complete understanding of every stamp and flight. Regular departments on airpost stamps, C. A. M. covers, Dedication covers, F. A. M. covers, Crash covers and other kindred branches are conducted by recognized authorities. Suffice it to say that the AIRPOST JOURNAL is regularly read by postal officials, airline officials throughout the world and that it is the recognized reference work from here to Bombay. The AIRPOST JOURNAL is published at the society's office in Albion, Pennsylvania each month and sent to each member for the duration of his membership. To give you some idea of the high type of this publication, we illustrate three of the covers. Each of the covers have been carefully designed and artistically printed in two or more colors and collectors have added them to their albums for increased interest.

Collectors also find the advertisements of reliable dealers in the Journal most helpful to them in adding new material to their albums and keeping abreast of current market trends.


The society also publishes a Membership Directory, listing members' names, addresses and their specialties. This is helpful in communicating with other members for the exchange or handling of covers and other favors which many members appreciate.
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