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Living Members indicated by location, Deceased Members by date of death and Gone With the Wind indicated by GWW

Abberly, Nicholas Rippen  IOWA
Acker, Steadham           1952
Acre, Raynold E.          1966
Adams, Baxter A.           GWW
Addems, Walter J.        CALIF
Aitken, William H.        1964
Aldasoro, Eduardo          GWW
Aldasoro, Juan Pablo      1962
Alfaro-Fournier, Heraclio 1962
Allan, A. Livingston      1954
Allen, Walter E.           GWW
Allison, Lawrence M.       KAN
Allison, Malcolm G.        FLA
Amory, Francis I.         MASS
Arcier, A. Francis        OHIO
Arens, Charles A.         1967
Armor, Robert J.         CALIF
Armstrong, Edward R.      N.J.
Armstrong, Robert T.      1936
Arnold, George B.         1956
Astor, Vincent            1959
Atkinson, B. M.           1937
Atwood, Harry N.          1967
Auer, Stuart F.           1958
Ausmus, Reinhardt N.      OHIO
Avery, William            1942
Babcock, Verne C.          FLA
Bacon, W. Bartlett        1966
Bagnell, Edgar W.         1958
Baldwin, Frederick W.     1948
Baldwin, William Ivy      1953
Balsley, H. Clyde         1942
Bangs, Niels              N.Y.
Barber, Horatio           1964
Barlow, Floyd E.          N.Y.
Barnaby, Ralph S.         PENN
Barnhart, George E.       1962
Barnitz, Richard B.       1960
Barry, Rutledge B.         GWW
Bates, Carl S.            1956
Bates, Edmond E.         CALIF
Bates, Mortimer F.        1961
Batts, Carl T.            1969
Beachey, Hillery          1964
Beatty, George W.         1955
Beilgard, Harvey A.       1944
Bell, Frank J.            1957
Bellanca, Giuseppe M.     1960
Bellande, Edward A.      CALIF
Bellinger, Patrick N. L.  1962
Bennett, Joseph S.        1955
Bishop, Lester F.         1967
Bjorklund, Filip A.       1967
Bleriot, Louis            1936
Blondin, Joseph A.        1952
Boal, Pierre deL.         1966
Boland, Edward R.         1967
Boland, Joseph J.         1964
Bolognisi, Alfred         N.Y.
Bonnalie, Allan F.        COLO
Borkland, C. R.           1951
Bouldin, William III      1953
Bounds, Overton M.        1942
Boyd, George N.           N.J.
Brabazon, Jesse C.         WIS
Brabazon, Lord of Tara    1964
Bradley, Eric T.           GWW
Bragg, Caleb S.           1943
Brauninger, Fred H.       1950
Bredouw, Homer L.         1950
Breguet, Louis C.         1955
Brereton, Lewis H.        1967
Brett, George H.          1963
Broadwick, G. "Tiny"     CALIF
Brock, Walter L.          1964
Brock, William S.         1932
Brookins, Walter R.       1953
Brower, Gerald E.         1941
Brown, Harold H.          1950
Brown, Harry B.           1954
Brown, Lawrence W.        1947
Brown, Ralph M.           N.Y.
Brown, W. Norman        CANADA
Bruno, Harry A.           N.Y.
Bryan, John C.            1932
Bryan, Mahlon P.          1961
Bryant, Alys McKey        1954
Bryant, Frank M.          1965
Budwig, Gilbert C.       CALIF
Bullock, Walter R.        MINN
Burge, Vernon L.           Tex
Burnelli, Vincent J.      1964
Burns, Arthur C.         CALIF
Burnside, Frank H.        1935
Burwell, Paul V.          1955
Caldwell, Jeanette Doty MEXICO
Callan, J. Lansing        1958
Canady, Buel H.          CALIF
Canady, Leon E.          CALIF
Carberry, Joseph E.       1961
Carolin, Norbert J.       1963
Carr, Walter J.           MICH
Carroll, Philip A.        1957
Carter, Ralph B.         CALIF

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