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Carter, Verne             1964
Cato, Joseph L.           1965
Cessna, Clyde V.          1954
Chandler, Alfred N.       1954
Chandler, C. deF.         1939
Chapman, Carlton G.         GA
Christie, Arthur R.       1964
Christmas, William W.     1960
Christofferson, Harry P.  1968
Church, Everett Vail      1951
Clark, George Russell     MICH
Clark, Virginius E.       1948
Claverie, Armand W.      CALIF
Clinger, W. R.            1935
Coffyn, Frank T.          1960
Cogswell, Stewart W.      1956
Coombs, Clarence B.       1944
Cooper, John D.           1936
Copland, Harry D.          FLA
Courtney, Frank T.       CALIF
Cramer, Parker D.         1931
Crawford, Harvey         CALIF
Crewdson, Harry B.        1956
Cross, W. Redmond         1940
Crowell, Henry Kent       1955
Culver, H. Paul           1964
Cunningham, A. A.         1939
Curran, John J.           1966
Curry, John F.            COLO
Curtis, Greely S.         1947
Curtiss, Glenn H.         1930
Custer, L. Luzerne        1962
Daniell, John B.          1964
Dargue, Herbert A.        1941
Daugherty, Earle S.       1929
Davidson, Howard C.       D.C.
Davis, Stuart V.          1955
Davis, Walter C., Sr.     1952
Davison, F. Trubee        N.Y.
Day, Charles H.           1955
Day, Curtiss L.            IND
deBustamente, Antonio S.  1951
deFlorez, Luis            1962
deGiers, Clarence A.      N.Y.
DeHart, Dana C.          CALIF
DeKor, Fred Korstad       1964
deMitkiewicz, Sergius     1946
Denehie, William A.        ILL
Depew, Richard H., Jr.    1948
DeRemer, Lionel H.        1962
deVillard, Jean F.         GWW
Dick, Fairman R.          N.Y.
Diehl, William C.         N.J.
Diggins, Ralph C.         1959
Doherty, William Ellwood  1954
Dolan, Charles H. II    HAWAII
Dollfus, Charles          1963
Domenjoz, John            1952
Doolittle, Burton McK.   CALIF
Dora, Henry               MICH
Dowd, Raymond E.          1948
Duede, Carl H.            1956

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Dunlap, David E.          1957
Dunsworth, James L.       1956
DuPont, Francis V.        1962
Eaton, Warren S.          1966
Ecker, Herman A.          1969
Eckert, Samuel B.         PENN
Edgerly, John P.            VA
Ekstrom, Gustave J.       1968
Ellis, Frank H.         CANADA
Elton, Albert             OHIO
Emerson, Raffe            1962
Engel, Al J.              OHIO
Ennis, Leroy M.           PENN
Erickson, Louis G.        1946
Ericson, Frithiof G.      1941
Esnault-Pelterie, Robert  1957
Este, J. Dickinson        1961
Evans, Francis T.           VA
Evers, W. Heindrick       1960
Fales, Elisha N.          D.C.
Fay, Charles L.           1961
Fenouillet, Louis A.      1943
Ferguson, Harry           1960
Ferron, Paul L.           1956
Fish, Farnum             CALIF
Fitzgerald, Shepler W.    1953
Fleischmann, Max C.       1951
Fokker, Anthony H. G.     1939
Ford, Harry H.            1967
Forkner, Joseph R.        1968
Foulois, Benjamin D.      1967
Fowler, Harold S.         1957
Francis, Roy N.           1952
Frantz, Joseph          FRANCE
Fray, William Y.          1968
Freund, John F.           1932
Frolich, Arthur T.         GWW
Frost, Gonald G.          1950
Frost, John               1945
Fullerton, Rutherford     1952
Gammeter, John R.         1957
Gantz, Harry              1949
Garber, Paul E.             VA
Garrison, Ben             1947
Gates, Ivan R.            1932
Gay, George               1948
Gertson, Louis H.         1942
Gibson, William W.        1965
Gillespie, George S.     CALIF
Goff, Edgar A., Jr.         MD
Goodale, Frank W.         1948
Goodier, Lewis E., Jr.    1961
Gordon, Donald H.         1968
Gorrell, Edgar S.         1945
Graham, Harry T.          1952
Grant, Charles H.           VT
Grant, Rudolph R.         1950
Graulich, Harry D.        1968
Gray, George A.           1956
Gray, John F.            CALIF
Greene, William           1952

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