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Macauley, Theodore C.     1965
MacDill, Leslie C.        1938
MacDonald, Charles S.     1953
MacFie, Robert F.         1943
Marr, Kenneth             1963
Mars, James C.            1944
Marshall, R. C.            TEX
Martin, Glenn L.          1955
Martin, Harold S.         1961
Martin, James V.          1956
Masson, Didier            1950
Mattery, William A.       1960
Maxim, Hiram Percy        1936
McCalley, James B.         GWW
McClaskey, J. W.          1953
McCurdy, John A. D.       1961
McDonnell, Edward O.      1959
McIlvaine, William M.     1963
McLaughlin, George F.     1962
Meissner, George          1947
Meredith, Russell L.      1965
Messer, Glenn E.           ALA
Meyer, Cord               1964
Meyers, Charles W.         FLA
Miller, Bernetta A.       PENN
Miller, Lestere           1963
Miller, Lloyd E.          1968
Miller, William C.        1956
Milling, T. DeWitt        1960
Mills, Frank              1940
Minshall, Robert J.       1954
Mix, Arthur H.            N.Y.
Moisant, Mathilde J.      1964
Moore, Robert S.          1944
Morgan, Stuart A.           VA
Morris, Raymond V.        1943
Morriss, P. G. B.         1944
Munter, Herbert A.       CALIF
Murray, George D.         1956
Musick, Edwin C.          1938
Myers, George F.          1961
Naiden, Earl L.           1944
Nelson, C. E.             1935
Nelson, Nels J.           1964
Netherwood, Douglas B.    1943
Netzow, George            1963
Nichols, John M. H.        WIS
North, Russell B.         MICH
Ober, Willy Otto          N.Y.
Oliver, Ruth Law         CALIF
Olivier, Edward           1948
Otero, Katherine Stinson  N.M.
Ovington, Earle L.        1936
Page, George A., Jr.      OHIO
Page, Stanley H.          1964
Pallissard, Joseph M.     1960
Park, Harry               1955
Parker, Evan J.           1966
Parker, Fred F.           1965
Parker, Will D.           ARIZ
Parla, Augustin           1946
Parsons, Edwin C.         1968
Paterson, Charles H.      1963
Pattison, John W.         1957
Pawlowski, Felix W.       1951
Petre, John F.            1969
Pickerill, Elmo N.        1968
Phillips, Luba Galanschikoff 1965
Pickles, Sydney         CANADA
Pierce, Percy             1962
Pierce, Samuel S.         MASS
Post, Augustus            1952
Post, Edwin M., Jr.      ITALY
Post, George B.           1960
Pound, Claude W.          OHIO
Prest, Clarence O.        1954
Prevost, Maurice L.       1952
Prime, Frederick H.       OKLA
Prince, Frederick H., Jr. 1962
Probst, John D., Jr.      1932
Proffitt, Ira J.         CALIF
Prudden, George H.        1964
Purcell, Sam A.           1942
Rader, Ira A.             1958
Rankin, Alexander         1948
Ray, Arthur                GWW
Read, Albert C.           1967
Reed, Charles             1941
Reid, Andrew              1969
Reid, Marshall E.         1955
Reynolds, Clearton H.     1930
Reynolds, Harry V.        1951
Richards, Harrison H. C.  1951
Richardson, Holden C.     1960
Richmond, Arthur L.       1955
Rinehart, Howard Max      1949
Robinson, Hugh A.         1963
Roche, Jean Alfred          VA
Rockwell, Robert L.       1958
Rockwell, Wallace L.      1969
Roehrig, Bernard F.       1948
Rohlfs, Roland            N.Y.
Rosillo, Domingo          1957
Rosto, Oliver A.         CALIF
Royce Ralph               1965
Russell, George F.         GWW
Rutshaw, Lucielle Belmont 1961
Salinas, Gustavo           GWW
Salinas-Carranza, Alberto  GWW
Saunders, Bert            1945
Scanlon, Martin F.        D.C.
Schauffler, William G.    1951
Schober, Frank            N.J.
Schroeder, Rudolf W.      1952
Schultz, Edward G.        1943
Scott, Blanche Stuart     N.Y.
Scott, Lyle H.            1930
Scragg, George H.         1968
Scripps, William E.       1952
Shafer, Howard M.          FLA
Shaffer, C. W.            1954
Shaffer, Walter J.          GA
Shank, Robert F.          1968
Sharp, Samuel H.          1965
Shaw, Benson Russell      1961

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