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Sheahan, William H.       1956
Shirley, A. P.            1951
Shoemaker, Charles W.     1950
Sikotsky, Igor I.         CONN
Simmons, Milton H.        1969
Simmons, Oliver G.        1948
Simon, Robert             N.Y.
Sims, Dorothy Peirce      1960
Sinclair, Cecil R.        MICH
Smith, Albert D.           CAL
Smith, Mrs. Hilder F.      CAL
Smith, James Floyd        1956
Smith, Jay D.             1963
Smith, Lawton V.          1963
Snyder, Orval H.          1951
Solbrig, Oscar A.         1941
Sopwith, Sir Thomas O. M.  ENG
Spaatz, Carl T.             MD
Spencer, Earl W., Jr.     1950
Spencer, Percival H.       CAL
Springer, Thomas Eric      CAL
Stadlman, Anthony          CAL
Stark, William M.         1942
Stensrud, Arney P.        1955
Steptoe, Thomas E.        1960
Stetson, John B.          1952
Stewart, Robert J.        1948
Stinson, Edward A., Jr.   1932
Stinson, Marjorie         D.C.
Stockton, Paul R.         1962
Stone, Arthur B.          1943
Stone, E. F.              1936
Stratemeyer, George E.    1969
Stratton, John G.         1953
Studenski, Paul           1961
Stuper, Max F.            1945
Sunstedt, Hugo            1966
Suppe, Harry B.           1969
Suppe, William F.         1966
Surini, Andrew M.         1958
Sutro, Adolpg G.          PORT
Sutton, John R.           1946
Tabuteau, Maurice       FRANCE
Tarbox, Gordon L.         S.C.
Tevis, Lansing K.         1957
Thaw, William             1934
Thomas, Joseph H.         1965
Thomas, William T.        1966
Thompson, DeLloyd         1949
Thomsen, Carl H.           CAL
Tibbs, Charles Burrell    1965
Tickell, Sam A.           1966
Tiffany, Carter             MD
Timm, Otto W.              CAL
Toncray, Henry E.         1929
Torrey, Joseph R.         MASS
Towers, John H.           1955
Turpin, James Clifford    1966
Tuttle, Horace B.         1964
Tweed, John H.            1961
Upson, Ralph H.           1968
Van Arsdale, G. E.         GWW
Vandivort, Clifford C.    1938
Vaughn, Stanley I.        OHIO
Vernon, Victor            1968
Verplanck, J. B. R.       1955
Vilas, Jack          FLA & ILL
Vincent, Sydney A.        1967
Waite, H. Roy             MASS
Walden, Henry W.          1964
Walker, L. L., Sr.        1960
Warner, Arthur P.         1957
Warren, Robert A.         MASS
Waterman, Waldo D.         CAL
Watson, Hugh              1955
Webster, Clifford L.       FLA
Webster, Harry J.         1963
Weeks, Elling O.          1956
Wehrle, Howard F.         1964
West, Charles F.           CAL
Wheaton, Ivan P.           CAL
Wheeler, Ray               GWW
Whelen, Bernard L.        CONN
Whitaker, John R. H.      1959
Whiting, George Clarke    MASS
Whiting, Kenneth          1943
Whitsett, Kirby L.        1959
Wiggin, Charles L.        1964
Wilber, Paul F.           N.Y.
Wild, Horace B.           1940
Wildman, Francis A.       1956
Willard, Charles F.        CAL
Willetts, William P.      1964
Williams, George W., Jr.  1931
Willis, Harold B.         1962
Willoughby, Hugh L.       1939
Wiseman, Fred J.          1961
Witmer, Charles C.        1929
Witteman, Charles R.      1967
Wood, C. Murvin           1967
Wright, Frank W.          1950
Wright, Orville           1948
Wright, Roderick M.       1960
Wulpi, James M.            GWW
Wyman, Charles D.         1955
Wysong, Forrest E.         CAL
Yeager, George E.         1953
Young, David H.            CAL
Young, Edward H.           GWW
Zistel, Errol H.          1968

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