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[[image - hand-drawn and colored border with a cut out images of a flower and a cat bordering the page.]]

[[typed letter]]

Hiya, Lucy my dear...

I saw your show at Cal-Arts yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to say that I liked can imagine how my direct Jewish soul has trouble with all the intellectuality of most concept guts, you know, and if it isn't mushy, I can't understand it...[[over-type]] Ar [[/over-type]] At any rate, I thought the show was really interesting, and certainly different from male concept art, more personal, more subject matter oriented, certainly more feminine. Astounding. Maybe, if we talked about female point of view in art rather than the work imagery, it would be clearer. It seems that the use of the word imagery is misleading, making people think that I think that there is a female form or style...i.e. women use certain kinds of [[strikethrough]] w [[/strikethrough]] shapes, men use others,..rather than people understanding that it is the way that form is in the concept show...the women use the same form language as the men use, but with different intent often from a different point of view.  Anyway, I don't know why I'm ranting on like this to you, as you certainly know all this. [[strikethrough]] Anyway [[/strikethrough]] Congratulations on the show and know that you made one convert to the cause of female concept art on the West Coast.

Speaking of female point of view, I was just in Tulsa, Okla., in the last of my lecture/workshop gigs...I did a session with female art students, looking at their art...They were very unsophisticated, both esthetically and in terms of female consciousness...which  made their art impulses less conditioned by art convention, but more conditioned by their unconscious social conditioning...their art split right into three neat areas, almost astoundingly so[[strikethrough]] o [[/strikethrough]]...which happened to conform to the 3 major areas of female art in the 20th century, typified by say, Frankenthaler and those women whose art is indistinguishable from mens [[strikethough]] " [[/strikethrough]] ; [[strikethough]] : [[/strikethrough]] the tradition starting with Cassatt, Laurencin, continuing with Leonor Fini and Marisol...women painting women seeing them from their own point of role, sad, ^[[t]]rapped, whatever: and abstract central core imagery, the flower, the vagina, etc. Amazing ^[[!]] My typewriter is making a peculiar noise, what with my trouble with typing [[/over-type]] doesn"t [[/over-type]] doesn't help.  This is gonna be a two page letter, as I have a lot of news... 

[[underline]] MS [[/underline]]...I wrote them and proposed our terrific idea to them. I also told them how I felt about their non-treatment of the West Coast and [[strikethrough]] of [[/strikethrough]] how I felt about the way they had treated me, the Feminist Art Community [[over-type]] of [[/strike-through]] out here, Womanhouse, Womanspace, Feminist Art education as we've pioneered it, etc. or rather how they had not treated it and how I felt about it. Turned out that my graduate assistant Faith, did the same thing several weeks before...and neither of us has received any reply at all. I guess I overestimated them and you were more on the money about them than I.  Too bad. Anyway, I'll let you know if anything develops.

Lloyd and I have finally found a studio...a beutiful industrial building in Santa Monica. We will probably start working on it about the first of June and move in at the end of August, as it will take that long to get it together. I am getting ready to settle in for a new 5 year work pe^[[r]]iod...intending to make a change in my work after I finish the [[strikethrough]] "great [[/strikethrough]] "Great Ladies" series, which should be by the end of the year. I am planning to finish the paintings this summer and then make a suite of prints in the fall on the same theme, which will end the series.  Then, I'll get seriously into china painting, which I will be setting up for in my new studio. There are several china painters coming into [[over-type]] Worhshop [[/over-type]] Workshop, which, incidentally, is getting filled up. We're up to about 25 students with more requests coming in every day. There will, however, be a dropout rate between now and the fall, so we're going to take more women than we want and hope it settles into about 35 or 36.  At any rate, I am planning to make a weekend trip to see you in Maine just before you leave there. How late will you be there? If it seems feasible, both Lloyd and I will come, then I'll come back to LA and Llyod
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