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Redoubt St. Michael's
July 26th 1867-
Col. Chas. S. Bulkley.

I have the honor to submit the following report of my explorations in and around the mouths of the Kirchpak learning that it would be very difficult in fact impossible to do it, with the Steamer. I consulted with Capt. Ennis and decided doing the work in a three holed bidark which was furnished me by Capt. Ennis. On the 3rd day of May, I left this place for Kotlech a Russian trading post on the Aphoon or Northern mouth of the Koichpak there to await the breaking up of the ice. On the 28th of May the ice commenced to move down the river. On the 29th there was a jam and the water rose 12 feet within 2 hours. On the 2d of June the ice again started and on the 3d the River was clear of ice, but full of drift wood. On the 4th I started on my explorations. On the 5th arrived at a village on the Koosiloac were I found Lieut. J.F. Dyer, who was ordered to assist in the exploration by Capt. Ketchum. May the 6th pushed on towards Cape Romanzoff after going some 60 or 70 miles South of this mouth of the 


Transcription Notes:
Aphoon, Apoon = place name see Dictionary of Alaska Place Names By Donald J. Orth, p. 84