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Peabody Professor of Amer. Arch. and Ethn.,
Harv. Univ., Curator of the Museum.

Assistant Curator.


very much like one I worked in years ago near Dubuque.  It seems to me it would hardly pay for Francis to go there unless he could do considerable very careful work; and I think Francis should have a little training in field exploration before undertaking such a job. Still ^[[,]] from his knowledge of Indian matters he might make out a good deal in a comparative way by an examination of the site.  But why do you think it has anything to do with the Omahas ^[[?]] Just such groups of mounds are found all through the upper Mississippi region.  I suppose they are the works of some of the Indian tribes ^[[,]] but is it safe to put them down to any particular tribe, unless we have some tradition about the tribe's having been there.

As to the colored plates, I do not think the Century would give colored plates; it is a thing they have never done, and the cost for an edition such as theirs would be tremendous.  Then after all it seems to me the comparison you make between the Indian and Egyptian in their use of colors is simply a primary one, that is, the same system would be found among all early peoples.  It is well enough to mention the fact, but I fear it is too cosmopolitan to have any special meaning.

Now as to my World's Fair work.  I am very desirous of obtaining from the Nez Perc├ęs, Winnebagos, Omahas and Sioux, and as many other tribes as possible, a complete outfit.  This is, I want
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