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This land [[strikethrough]] remains [[/strikethrough]] is unallotted in order to prevent any [[strikethrough]] further trouble & [[/strikethrough]] future complication upon the Reservation. [[strikethrough]] The stay of these people is therefore a matter of courtesy on the part of the Tribe and should involve no quarrel. [[/strikethrough]]

A complete registry of the Tribe by families has been made and indexed. Space was left for the increase of children and the formation of new families. Opposite each name, on the margin of the page, was placed the number of the "Selection" for allotment. The same number was also [[strikethrough]] placed [[/strikethrough]] written in its respective place upon the township plats left at the agency, thus affording a complete series of reference as to [[strikethrough]] the location of allotments of [[/strikethrough]] each individual. The use of the Registry has been explained to the Indians who were advised to report each birth,