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marriage and death at the Agency that the record of the [[strikethrough]] ir [[/strikethrough]] land might be properly kept.  In the event of a birth, the Indians were advised to also report the particular 40 acres in the unallotted portion of the land desired to become the property of the child, and to have it recorded with the name of the child, as by the Act of August 7, 1882 the unallotted land is [[strikethrough]] for [[/strikethrough]] devoted to the children born after the completion of this allotment.  By their registering many future troubles and disputes will be [[strikethrough]] saved [[/strikethrough]] prevented and the unallotted land gradually be made profitable.

Another important point connected with this registry is that it is now possible for the Agent to know who constitute the rightful members of each family, and as substantial progress among any people