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29 rae    Walter Edward.    Thatada    Turtle
Me ah stae sta           Man thin Kaga he.

13  Me.tae na.


97  (Sister)           Man thin Kagahe


675  Wa ke.dae.    Wm. Mitchell     Inkae sabba.
Me gthe da ne           Tapa. 

876 Ka.



875  Na.ka ae thum va.

719  Tae.nuah.ha.nuzze.


941  Susan Josephine Neals.                 Manthinkagohe.
Louis Neals

571  Mary Candis


125  In ste me.kae.    Simeon Porter.    Man thinkagahe
Tae sou ne                 Hunga.

330  Me.he.ska.

331  Grae.da ne

328  Me.grae.da ne.
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