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Mr. Valentine
    There is no direct provision in any of the winebago[[?]] treaties 8 in number which provides for the payment of depredation out of tribal funds.  Claims are allowed in time of the Earlier treaties by approval of the tribe-
Aug. 6 of the Treaty of 1855. finds any money ins[[?]] "being taken by direction of the chiefs to pay the debts of Individual Indians contracted in their private dealings,Known as National or tribal debts."
st. 10 & same treaty binds]]?]] them Ienran[[?]] jointly &  tertially[[?]] "With L-com mit anydepredations or money from active Imrains[[?]] as upon citizens of the U.S."[[IMAGES]]" to submit all difficulties between them & active Indians to UnPrish[[?]] & to abide his decision."
   This is all that can apply to the Omaha claim
Sat 5 of treaty of 1859 last claims "Provides further that those who do not reform & permanently submit themselves with the tribe within one year from the date of this notification of item aynent[[?]] shall wish to be Entills[[entitled?]] to the benefit of any of its stipulations.(This treaty promises for allotment in severally^[[On Resen llim]][[strikethrough]] with him[[/strikethrough]])
This is all that can apply to the protection of Sehastia Ns [[?]] as against the Msconsin[[?]] W's.
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