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  Nebraska Oct. 23   7

Hon Commissioner of Indian Affairs


  Under date of Oct. 17. 1889. I submitted to you the case of Sharp.Back when [[?]] purchased the house and land patented to Mary Crane an Ottawa Indian, widow of a Winnebago Indian, having no children or heirs in this tribe. I stated that the sale was made with the knowledge of the Agent. This morning Sharp.Back has brought me in the paper setting forth this transaction, which I enclose, with the request that it be returned to me, as Sharp Back is unwilling to give it up permanently.

  There are similar cases among the tribe, and it is difficult for those who are interested to understand, that an act acknowledged by the Agent, order, as some are said to have been, by his advice, are not legal transactions which I must respect in allotting the land.
Sharp Back has lived 10 years on the land and cultivated it.  I hope some legal way will be found to give him ownership.
[[signature]] Alice C. Fletcher
Special Indian Agent.