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Frank Tebo.  Gonukaw.

Frank Tebo.  Age 68  F. & M. dead. M. ^ has 2 ^ 1/2 bro. Batish ^ 
   & Jos. ^ Lassassair
living in Minn. citizens.   Frank Tebo. 1 full bro. Louis Tebo.
citizen in Minn. 2 1/2 bros. [[My snil?]] Tebo, ^ by Mother ^ 
  Geo. Tebo ^ by Father. ^  no sis.
Married to O'c see ah kaw.  age 38. F. & M. dead. no br.
1 sister. Ne hun kaw. wife Jas. Buchanan.
8 children.

(234.) S 1/2 N.W.1/4} Sec.9.T.26.R.6.   160 acres.
       N 1.2 S.W.1/4}
Certificate given out Sept.7.1888.

1 Ellen ^ He nukaw ^ Age. 22. Married to Geo. Rainbow.
mothers present wife

2 Frank. Jr. ^ Co nukaw ^ School.   22.
Mother. Nehunkaw ^ wife of ^ Thos. Deena.
(234) S.W 1/4 S.w.1/4 Sec.4.} T.26.R.6    80 acres.
      N.W.1/4 N.W.1/4 Sec.9 }
Certificate given out Sept.7.1888

3 George Jr ^ Hae muckaw ^ full br. of Frank.     20
this boy has patent as Henry Letaulh in 1871. 80 acres. W 1/2 
   S.W 1/4 Sec.1.T.26.R.8.
(234)[[strikethrough]] S.E 1/4 S.E.1/4 Sec.5.} T.26.R.6.
     N.E.1/4 N.E.1/4 Sec.8.} [[/strikethrough]]
Certificate given Sept.7.1888.

4 Jenny. Nehunkaw.  sis. of Ellen.       20
Married to Jas. Yellowhawk.

5 Lucy Oc see ahkaw.   sis. to Ellen.     12
234 x S.W.1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec.10.T.26.R.9.             40 acres.

6 Lizzie  He nun kaekaw  sis. to Ellen.     8
(234) N.W.1/4 S.E.1/4 Sec.4 T.26.R.6            40 acres.

7 Harrison Ni hae kaw.  br to Ellen.       6
(234) N.E 1/4 S.W.1/4 Sec.4.T.26.R.6.           40 acres.

8 Joseph. Na hae hee nu neckaw              1
(234) N.W.1/4 S.W 1/4 Sec.4 T.26.R.6.           40 acres.

x old patent John Swanson No.1. no such person.

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James Buchanan.  Na hae kaw.

James Buchanan. Age. 48. F. & M. dead. no uncles or Aunts.
2 bros. Louis Buchanan. & Bill Buchanan. 1 sis He mie kaw.
Ne ghu hotch ka win kaw. mother of Mary Ewing.
Married to We hun kaw. age. 42. sis of wife of Frank Tebo.
no children.
(235) Lot 6 & S.W 1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec.33.T.27.R.8.} 152.84 acres
      S.E.1/4 S.W 1/4 }
      S.W.1/4 S.E.1/4 } Sec.9.T.26.R.6.       }

Louis Buchanan  Na khe hoo noe wie kaw. Little 4th Son. (5)

Louis Buchanan. age 46. F. & M. dead. Jas. & Wm. 1 sis.
          Wa hae mie kaw
married to [[Shighs]es?]] Woman. F. dead. [[strikethrough]] 1 
   bro J [[/strikethrough]] M. dead. no br. or sis. -
1 br. John Crow No.2. No sisters.
3 children.(269) S.W.1/4 Sec.24.T.26.R.5    160 acres.

1 ^ Mrs Buchanan Blackhawk ^ Green hair Woman. Heen cho mie 
   kaw., married to Jas. Blackhawk.
Mo. dead. 1 br. Little Walker. in Wis.
Allotted See p.135.

2 Amos. Crowkaw.   14 yrs.
full sister of above.
(269) N.E 1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec.25.T.26.R.5   40 acres.

3 Thomas. Crowkaw.   13 yrs.
Mo. Cha te me nuck kaw wife of Eli Williams.
(269) N.W.1/4 N.W 1/4 Sec.25.T.26.R.5.    40 acres.
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