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Home Jan. 2. 1911

My dear Francis

A Happy New Year!

I reached home late Saturday evening very tired and yesterday was spent trying to get thru my mail.

You got off safely, I hear. I fear you have left things - I note your tooth powder and Vasaline in the bathroom.

If you need the Report of the Museum that lies on your table Vol. 18 contains the maps & accts of cessions I will ask the Bureau to mail it to you.

I think that the Japanese book mark which I found hanging from the gas fixture is Mrs Hearst's gift to you.  It is a very elegant [[insert]] expensive [[/insert]] gift don't forget to write her a note of thanks.  She will be hurt if you wait too long.

[[in margin]]
It is very sad about Mr. Hove - I have written his widow.  I feel badly about Mr. Cadman have written Mrs Eberhart - poor fellow - I fear this is the end. [[/in margin]]