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that time. I do not know his plans. I only know that he has the plan to marry a certain lady & once said he wanted to introduce her to me but neither he or I have spoken of it since for it is nothing to me. I thought you knew all that. So you see dear you have let a phantom worry you.

I wrote you from Providence, & I stayed Friday evening with Mrs Barns, & all night, taking the train Saturday A.M. I reached home in the evening Mrs C. met me at the train. Sunday I was tied up & Monday Mrs Parsons & Alice spent the afternoon & evening. It has rained all the time but is clear & cold today.

Now my dear Francis do not be troubled. You mistake every thing. I am deeply interested in your work. I was just closing a letter to Miss Hilliard when your letter came. I was telling her of your work, & your success. I live to secure that. Mr Gurley comes tomorrow morning he says he has sent you the corrected page proof, so I understood him on the telephone. Next time you come home you cant go until I am convinced you must! for I want you with me. You are the one dear thing in life to me.  God bless you.

Ever aff.
[[signature]] M. [[/signature]]

I am catching the return mail  dont be unhappy  there is no cause. Write me of the old man & the work. I went today to the typewriter place to have them get the machine in order. Come soon M.