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Environment and Resultant Influences.

On p. 116, the Osage acct. of first feeding of the child will be thrown into a footnote and a paragraph added to the text stating that ceremonies kindred to those of the Omaha exist among the other 5 tribes that they differ in detail but are similar in purpose, etc. this will lead up to the Osage footnote, & fill the space left by another smaller type of notes. This change will add to the dignity of the Omaha acct.

I have to rewrite Chapter V — That will take time & hard work. I do wish you were with me for all this.

How is the old man? Were his horses all right? Is it very cold it is threatening a storm here. Be very careful. I feel anxious for you. I have a bad headache & I am very sad. I was so happy before. Do not you be sad. There is nothing to trouble you. Our work & our close friendship is all there is in life and all there has been for these many years

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