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revert to lost rites of which the Cedar Pole and the Sacred Shell are relics.

I very much hope you will be able to get some track among the Osage of something which may be related to these symbolic objects. They are both very old. I think the Sacred Shell the older of the two, and that its rites were perhaps more widespread and significant to all the people. It seems as though the Shell ceremonies might be so old as to belong to a time when the Osage and the Omaha were still one people or tribe. I do hope you will find something. There was, according to Mr. J. O. Dorsey, some sort of tradition concerning the or a Cedar tree. If I can find the reference I will send it to you.

There too I am wondering if you can find anything that will seem to point to the Omaha & Osage being together when the Hedenachi was instituted. There are phases of the Hedenachi that make it