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Your letter has made me happy, but I am sorry you are troubled dear. Yet it is good that your trouble has no real ground in fact or in reality. There is no change in me, you hold the same place. No one can ever disturb or come near it, remember that as a truth. I have no personal interest save in those interests which have been mine for nearly 30 years. I wish you would not forget that. All other matters are outside affairs. While they may at times take thought and time, they do not touch me personally.    Miss Putnam and I were together at Providence at the same Hotel. There were many others there, as it was headquarters, but who were or were not, I do not know for I never asked. So you see dear how you misjudge matters. Dr. Hewett is, I suppose en route to Central America. I do not even know that. I have seen little

No word from Mrs Eberhart what is her address Mine must be wrong. Where is the graphophone horn? 

I think I forwarded the check your bank. Was it not from Maynard Treas. upstate Nebraska?