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My dear Francis

Mr Gurley has just left and he is to see Mr Hodge about omitting the Osage material given by Bacon Rind as to the Songs of the pack, and to merely say that "the Osage have similar customs now under investigation by Mr La F." Mr. Gurley thinks it best to omit rather than publish something that will so soon need to be set aside by correct material. This acct. of Bacon Rind occurs in the chapter on Warfare. The section concerning Wate'giƧtu. We say the Ponca ceremony bears the same name, & then give the order of Ponca honors. What is the Osage word? Is it a modification of the Omaha? We might [[strikethrough]] say the [[strikethrough]] give the Osage word, if it is like or similar to the Omaha. 

Let me hear from this soon, so I can include it in the proof, if possible.

I am being hurried with the page proof, for the Senators are after Mr. Hodge to show work etc.