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Home Sunday Evening  Jany 15. 1911

My dear Francis
It was my hope & plan to write you a long letter today, but I have been working all day on the page proof, and if the batch that reached me last night beginning with Sec IV has come to you, you will see the mess it is in [[strikethrough]] Every [[/strikethrough]] the diagrams & illustrations all out of place. Then too I have had to change a number of things in the text. I had that to do in the preceding section. It has been hard for I had to fill in places. I cut out "Omens Dreams" etc on p. 112 & had to write something to take the space. The Omens etc is all out of place, & must go else where. 

The titles of Chapters are changed too.

Location; Linguistic Relationship

Environment; Resultant Influences.

Rites Pertaining to the Individual