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I fear, [[strikethrough]] correct that now in what [[/strikethrough]] now all that has been written about it in our work I must let it stand & be corrected in your book, and there will be, I fear, many corrections because we knew so little of the inner workings. I do not like to put in more Osage material that may have errors. I fear it will throw doubt on all our work, & bring us adverse criticism, more than we justly deserve. The buffalo bull came from above, and so there must be some connection with the above. It is queer about the willow. It is also queer about the jay. Does the jay hold a place anywhere else I do not remember it. O, I am so glad you are doing this work. it is a deep satisfaction to me. You will get at the bottom, and you will win & deserve honor. Here is what is put as a note at the end of Section I

"Since the above was in press an investigation