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that disease is evident from his having to sleep out of doors even in Pittsburgh. I hope he will escape. [[strikethrough]] He [[/strikethrough]] It may be that he has been taken in time. I am glad his mother is with him, for her sake as well as his, as the change will do her good. I hope he will stay [[strikethrough]] there [[/strikethrough]] in New Mexico as long as possible  people sometimes think they are well enough to leave before they are wholly cured. If he can, he had better stay there as much as possible of the year's leave of absence. Write him & don't have any coolness in your feeling toward him. I don't think there has been any duplicity on his or any one's part. He is frail, & evidently there were bad signs. If he has been caught up by friends and placed where health may be regained it is a good thing every way.

Yesterday was a glorious day clear & bright  it was one of our Mondays at home. Mrs. Parsons & Alice received with us, and a great many people were here. Among them,