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Mr. Gurley is to have a talk with me. I'll hear his idea & then I shall better know what to say.
Now comes another matter. Mr. Hodge wants a chapter in the language.  I am to speak to Mr. Gurley over the phone after lunch. I've worked since 9 A.M. at my desk it is now 1 P.M. & I'm tired.
If I agree to write this chapter it must be with the understanding that it goes first to you for your criticism. I do not feel the I can do so - I must speak of idioms - that is where Boas tripped up. He did not know them. I dread this chapter, but I will do my best.
They say "The book is so full of pictures that it leaves a blank not to speak of the language. I think there should be something said of the myths. I dread