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little idea of the flexibility, and the adaptability of the language to ordinary experience [[strikethrough]] speech [[/strikethrough]] & to the expression of abstract ideas. Without you here with me, I confined the examples given to those contained in the book, where the import of the words is fully set forth.

In writing about Wakonda I used the contrasting word [[Wanaxe?]] to show that to translate Wakonda as "the Great Spirit" would be incorrect, that there was no connection between the ideas expressed by the two words. 

I mailed you a magazine today.  I hope it has rained in Oklahoma, for otherwise I fear there will be sickness as well as discomfort.  I trust that your silence does not mean you are ill.  I am mailing this tonight that you may know the dilemma I am in with the Bureau -  Goodnight,

[[signature]] M. [[/signature]]