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Home Tuesday morning Jany 31, 1911

My dear Francis,

Yours of the 27. came yesterday morning and the "official" letter yesterday afternoon.  I at once telephoned Mr. Gurley. In the morning that the letter was on the way, in the afternoon that it had come. I am very glad to have it and will incorporate it and connect with Mr. Gurley. I think it well to give some examples as you suggest & I shall also use your "literal translation" & speak of the inadequacy of judging of myths etc by such translation, & such are in the main the only translation available. The native feeling & meaning is largely stripped off, & the story left naked, in fact a mere skeleton.

I enclose a communication which has just come. I've accp'd it & consented to the use of the song and have spoken of Cadman's songs.

Nordica gave a concert here a week ago & Mrs Tittmann said she sang one of Cadman's songs, "From the land of the sky-blue water"

[[margin]] I am glad you are going with G.C. among the Kaw. We need to get their organization & all we can. Look out for traditions as to separation  We want to find out how & as far as we can when these took place.

Have you written to the niece who married?[[/margin]]

Transcription Notes:
I found the singer Lillian Nordica in a book on "Frontier Figures." She was very well known.