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It was encored, & she repeated it & "it was as good the second time," added Mrs Tittmann. I wish I could have heard it.

Miss Mary Desha dropped dead on Sunday evening in the street. She was a good woman  she stood as a friend in the hour of need. The Daughters of the Amer. Revolution will do her honor. I think it is proposed to have her funeral at the Colonial Hall.

Yesterday afternoon, our parlors were full  we had a gala day  people coming & going & every one seemed so cordial. Mrs P. & Alice were here, & I do not know what we would have done without them, we were so full of guests.

An interesting letter received from Miss de Graffi[[?]] who is in Siam.

A Directory of the Washington Academy of Sciences came for you & I will forward it. [[?]] you get the Tribune & the magazine I shall send you McClure as soon as I can look it over. 

Did I tell you I deposited your Div.?

Goodbye. Take good care of yourself.

Ever Affly.
[[signature]] M. [[/signature]]