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the war power & the power having charge of the hunting, there would be likely to be a demand to bring the war power under more strict control - as the Omaha did [[strikethrough]] do [[/strikethrough]] accomplish. Before you publish this theory I think you must get hold of the hunting ceremonies of the Osage. Had they nothing corresponding to the Omaha tribal buffalo hunt when all the people moved out under tribal control? - I recall asking you if you had found anything that stood for the tribe as a unit. Have you found anything? What is the Osage form of government. Had they a head governing power? How were their chiefs elected, appointed, or put into office?

There are many many questions that arise. I hope you will be able to get at the bottom of things. And I do hope you can look into the Kaw rites. Is there anything to be found out about the Quapaw? Their parting with the Omaha would seem to be subsequent to the Osage parting. Is Wazha zhe connected with Snake in any way?

You are doing well & gaining much. I want you to be able to make a fine showing in your Osage book. Now I must go.

Ever affly