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back on me. There are two men, however, who have half promised to give me what they know of the [[mou-hou-zhou-gu?]] rites and I hear that both have a pretty good knowledge of them. Wa-xri-ghi stands by me but I think he has given me all that he can remember completely. He remembers other things but disconnectedly so that they would be of little value. You may remember that in the packs there is a rope in each finely braided which exerted our curiosity. I think we measured one and it was about 20 feet long. W. has told me of its use and of the Keepers of the rite connected with it. It is curious and interesting. I shall try to get from him one of the songs that go with it which he knows and which I have often heard Saucy Calf sing. It seems to be an extra performance which calls for an unusually large fee and it is often omitted on