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[[checkmark]] (6 species), from Sonora, Mexico, and 11 specimens (6 species) from Arizona. (Collected for the Museum.)

[[checkmark]] From [[underlined]] C.B. Riker, [[/underlined]] New York City.- 399 specimens (288 species) from the Lower Amazon. A specially important collection, containing a large number of types of species described in the "Proceedings" of the National Museum (Vol. X, pp. 516-528), and 28 species previously unrepresented in the Museum collection. (Purchased.)*

[[checkmark]] From the [[underlined]] Science College Museum, Tokyo, Japan [[/underlined]] (through Mr. M. Rikuchi), two specimens of the Japanese Ptarmigan, new to the collection. (Gift).


*Purchased in June, but owing to part of collection not being received, collection was not entered 'till July

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