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following list of

[[underlined]] Papers prepared for Publication. [[/underlined]]

(1.) Notes on some Birds from the Interior of Honduras. Pp. 14, submitted July. 28.

([[underlined]] Platypsaris aglaiae hypopliaea [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Pithys bicolor olivascens, [[/underlined]] subsp. nov.; adult female and young male of [[underlined]] Gymnocichla chiroleuca, [[/underlined]] and young of [[underlined]] Grallaria guatamalensis. [[/underlined]] described for first time; also a list of 13 species apparently new to Honduras.)

(2.) Notes on some Costa Rica Birds. Pp. 19. submitted July 28.

([[underlined]] Platypsaris aglaiae obscurus. [[/underlined]] subsp. nov.; young of [[underlined]] Oreothlypis guttaralis [[/underlined]] and [[underlined]] Eucometes cassini [[/underlined]] 

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