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[[underline]] Setta. (Gift [[/underline]]) 

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] R. Ridgway, [[/underline]] Curator Department of Birds, U.S. National Museum. - 29 specimens (17 species) birds skins from various localities in Eastern United States; a selected lot, all the specimens showing unusual variations of plumage. ([[underline]]  Gift)[[/underline]]. 

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] Frank Robinette, [[/underline]] Washington, D.C. - 45 specimens (13 species), from Chihuahua, Mexico. ([[check mark]] From [[underline]] Purchased. [[/underline]])

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] P. L. Jouy, [[/underline]] Washington, D.C. - 71 specimens (64 species), from various localities in United States. [[underline]] (Exchange. [[/underline]])