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[[underline]] Rica [[/underline]] (through Geo K. Cherrie):- Type-specimens of [[underline]] Mionectes semischistaceus [[/underline]] Cherrie  and [[underline]] Ornithion subplanum [[/underline]] Cherrie, new species. 

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] A. Boncard, [[/underline]] London, England.- (a) 11 specimens (11 species) Birds of Paradise. (Purchased for World's Columbian Exposition.) (b.) 12 specimens (10 species) Parrots. (Purchased for the Museum.) (c.) 24 specimens (24 species) Humming-Birds. (Purchased for World's Columbian Exposition).

[[check mark]] From the [[underline]] Auckland Museum, [[/underline]] Auckland, New Zealand. - 58 specimens (37 species) - many new to the collection). New Zealand birds. (Exchange.)

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unable to verify Ornithion subplanum-nwm