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Memorandum of packing .. 2
Requisitions, "house" .. 10
" [[ditto for Requisitions]] outside .. 8
orders for work .. 7
Invoices written, pages .. 4ΒΌ
Proof corrected " [[ditto for pages]] .. 4
Manuscript revised, pages  3
Report for September : [[ditto for pages]]  8

[[underline]] Papers submitted for publication [[/underline]]  

Only one paper was submitted for publication, its title being as follows: -

Descriptions of two supposed New Flycatchers from Costa Rica, by Geo. K. Cherrie. ([[underline]] Mionectes semischistaceus [[/underline]] and [[underline]] Ornithion pusillum subplanum [[/underline]] - types of both donated to the U.S. National   

Transcription Notes:
unable to verify Ornithion pusillum subplanum - nwm