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^[[ [[circled]] 25067 [[checkmark]]
[[strikethrough]] 25067 [[/strikethrough]]
25100 [[checkmark]]
25108 [[checkmark]] [[/circled]] ]]

From [[underlined]] C.W. Richmond, [[/underlined]] Washington, D.C.- 6 specimens (6 species) birds from District of Columbia and Maryland. (Gift.)

From [[underlined]] Harry Gordon White, [[/underlined]] Washington, D.C.- 2 specimens (2 species) hawks, from Virginia. (Gift.)

From [[underlined]] E.M. Hasbrouck, [[/underlined]] Washington, D.C.- One Carolina Paroquet ([[underlined]] Conurus carolinensis [[/underlined]]), from Florida. (Purchased for World's Fair exhibit)

[[underlined]] Minor routine work. [[/underlined]]
Official letters written ...... 29
" [[Ditto for: Official]] memoranda " [[Ditto for: written]] ....... 13
Requisitions, "outside" " [[Ditto for: written]] ....... 10