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From [[underline]] Scott B. Wilson, [[/underline]] Weatherbank, England. - One specimen Baillou's Grosbeak ([[underline]] Lorioides bailloui [[/underline]]), from [[check mark]] Hawai. ([[underline]] Purchased. [[/underline]]) ^[[insertion]] 25154 [[/insertion]]

[[check mark]]From [[underline]] U.S. Fish Commission [[/underline]] (through Col. Marshall McDonald, Commissioneer). 27 specimens (20 species), chiefly from Alaska.

[[check mark]]From [[underline]] William Palmer,[[/underline]] National Museum. - One speciman Jendaya Paroquet ([[underline]] Conurus jendaya [[/underline]]) from Brazil. ([[underline]] Exchange.[[/underline]]) ^[[insertion]] 25216 [[/insertion]]

[[check mark]]From [[underline]] Harold B. Stabler,[[/underline]] Sandy Spring, Md. - 4 specimens (3 species) hawks and owls in the flesh. (Gift.)