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species), chiefly from New Guinea, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, &c. (Exchange)

From [[underline]] Edw. S. Schmid, [[/underline]] Washington, D.C. - One African Gray Parrot ([[underline]] Psittacus erythacus [[/underline]]) and one Festive Parrot ([[underline]] Amazona festiva [[/underline]]), in the flesh, [[underline]] the latter [[/underline]] (from South America) [[underline]] new to the collection; [[/underline]] two accessions. (Gift.) [[check mark]]

[[underline]] Minor routine work. [[/underline]]

Official letters written .. 45

" [[ditto for Official]] memoranda " [[ditto for written]] .. 22

Requisitions, "house" " [[ditto for written]] .. 5

" [[ditto for Requisitions]] "outside" " [[ditto for written]] .. 5

Orders for work " [[ditto for written]] .. 7

Memoranda of packing " [[ditto for written]] .. 1

Papers for publication " [[ditto for written]] .. pages, 3

Report for December " [[ditto for written]] .. 5

Transcription Notes:
Psittacus erythacus= Psittacus erithacus