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From [[underlined]] A.H.Parker,[[/underlined]] Westbrook, Maine. - 4 specimens, 3 species, from Goshen and Westbrook, Maine. (Exchange for publications?)
[[checkmark]]From [[underlined]] Rollo H.Beck, [[/underlined]] Berryessa Cal., - 98 specimens, 58 species, from California. (Gift.)
[[checkmark]] From [[underlined]] Dr.M.L.Abbott, [[/underlined]] Philadelphia, Pa - 362 specimens (number of species undetermined), from Cashmere, India (Gift.)
[[checkmark]] From [[underlined]] O.N. Bryan [[/underlined]] (decased),Marshall Hall, Md. - 12 specimens, 9 species, chiefly from Marshall Hall, Md. (Bequest. - This bequest contained a much larger number of specimens, but nearly all were so