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(Exchange for publications.)

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] Peter Lepp,[[/underline]] East Saginaw, Michigan. - 5 specimens, 5 species, of owls. (Exchange.)

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] Internaitonal Boundary Survey [[/underline]] (Mearns and Wolzner, collections). - 101 specimens (30 species), chiefly from El Paso, Exas. ^[[ acc 25578]]

[[check mark]] From [[underline]] Leverett M. Loomis [[/underline]], Chester, S.C. -20 specimens (6 species) from Caesar's Head, S.C. (Gift.)

From [[underline]] C. F. Adams,[[/underline]] Champaign, Illinois. - Two specimens of the American Flamingo ([[underline]] Phoenicopterus ruber [[/underline]]), from the Galapagos Islands. (Purchased for World's Fair exhibit.)