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International Boundary Commission):- 101 specimens (30 species) chiefly from El Paso, Texas.

From [[underline]] T.C. Mendenhall, [[/underline]] superintendent U.S. Coast Survey. - 13 specimens (same number of species), from Alaska.

From [[underline]] G. Frean [[/underline]] Mor [[strikethrough]] c [[/strikethrough]] om, Chicago, Ills. One Cackling Goose ([[underline]] Branta minima [[/underline]]) in the flesh, from Minnesota. (Gift.)

From the [[underline]] Museo Nacional de Costa Rica [[/underline]], San Jose, Costa Rica (through Geo. K. Cherrie) - Type specimens of [[underline]] Mionectes semischistaceus [[/underline]] cherrie, and [[underline]] Ornithion subflavum [[/underline]] cherrie, new species. (Gift.) 4 specimens, 2 species, both new to science. (Gift.)

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