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makes you at once aware whether you are going up or down or [[?]]. After taking the "joy stick", or control column, in my left hand and placing my feet on the [[rudder?]] crossbar I was yelled at by my instructor to follow the road below. So I veered over till I was directly above the path and then at ever other interval I'd lean over and peer about to note my course. The instructor [[?]] me after a time and with a [[?]] intimated that on the next  [[?]] I might stay to one side of the road and have an easier time watching my path from an upright position. I followed instruction and didn't wobble about but it gave me a thrill and a half to note how little pressure need be applied [[as any??]] control to make the mechanical toy do my bidding. Forward on the stick a fraction of an inch and you could feel the nose elevate, backwards and down you began to go. Pushing the rudder [[?]] with the right food but a small distance and swinging the stick sideways to the right a wee bit, and I would go [[??]] right back which was offset by reversing the process
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