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Rochester NY 30th Jany, 1858

My Dear Wife and Children every one

I am ([[underlined]] praised be God [[/underlined]]) once more in York State.  Whether I shall be permitted to visit you or not this Winter or Spring I cannot now say; but it is some relief of mind to feel that I am again so near you. [[underlined]] Possibly [[/underlined]]; if I cannot go [[underlined]] to see you [[/underlined]]; that I may be able to devise some way for some [[underlined]] one, or more [[/underlined]] of you to meet [[strikethrough]] meet [[/strikethrough]] me some where. The anxiety I feel to see my [[underlined]] Wife [[/underlined]]; & children once more; I ^[[am]] unable to describe. I want exceedingly to see my  big Baby; & "Mums Baby"; & to see how that little company of sheep look about this time.  The [[underlined]] cries of [[/underlined]] my poor [[underlined]] sorrow stricken despairing Children [[/underlined]] whoose [[underlined]] "tears on their cheeks" [[/underlined]] are [[underlined]] ever [[/underlined]] in my Eye; & whoose [[underlined]] sighs [[/underlined]] are [[underlined]] ever [[/underlined]] in my Ears; may ^[[however]] prevent my enjoying the happiness I so much desire But [[underlined]] courage Courage Courage [[/underlined]] the great work of my [[underlined]] *life [[/underlined]]; the unseen Hand that "guided me; & who has [[underlined]] indeed [[/underlined]] holden [[underlined]] my right [[/underlined]] hand; [[underlined]] though [[/underlined]] I have not Known Him"; at all [[underlined]] as I ought; I may yet see ^[[strikethrough]] *[[?]] Take it strike yet [[/strikethrough]] accomplished; ([[underlined]] God helping; [[/underlined]]) & be permitted to return, [[underlined]] & rest [[/underlined]]; [[strikethrough]] [[??]] [[/strikethrough]] ^[[at]] Evening." O my Daughter [[underlined]] Ruth [[/underlined]] could any plan be devised whereby you could let Henry go "[[underlined]] to School [[/underlined]]" (as you expressed it in your letter to him while in Kansas;) I would rather [[underlined]] now [[/underlined]] have [[underlined]] him [[/underlined]] "for another term"; than to have a Hundred average scholars. I have a [[underlined]] particular ^[[& very important]] [[/underlined]] ([[underlined]] but no dangerous [[/underlined]]) place [[underlined]] for him to fill [[/underlined]]; in the "school"; & I know of [[underlined]] no man living [[/underlined]]; so well adapted to fill it. I am quite confident some way can be devised; so that [[underlined]] you: & your children [[/underlined]] could be [[underlined]] with [[/underlined]] him; & be quite happy [[underlined]] even [[/underlined]]; & safe but "[[underlined]] God Forbid [[/underlined]]" me to flatter you into trouble. [[underlined]] I did not do it before. [[/underlined]]
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