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[[embossed]] HOLYOKE PAPER CO [[/embossed]]

F. Stephens, Witch Creek, Calif.; One specimen, type of [[underlined]] Speotyto cunicularia obscura. [[/underlined]] (Acc. 29741; gift).

Wm Brewster, Cambridge, Mass.; one hundred and forty-one specimens from Mexico and Lower California. (Acc. 30252; gift).

Chas. E. Kern, Washington, D.C.; eighty-five specimens from Costa Rica and Nicaragua. (Acc. 30056; gift).

F.W. True, and D.W. Prentiss, Jr., Washington, D.C.; one hundred and forty-two bird skins from Alaska. (Acc. 30055, and 30147; gift?).

Richard C. McGregor, Palo Alto, Calif.; one hundred and nineteen birds from Calif. and Colo. (Acc. 30745; gift).

Oscar Tollin, Miakka, Fla.; Seven young birds in down from Florida. (Acc. 29757; Purchased): also nine specimens from Florida (Acc. 29756; gift).

La Plata Museum, La Plata, Argentina; fifteen birds from Argentina. (Acc. 30571; exchange).

Dr. W.F. Hutchinson, Winchester, Va., One specimen of Petrel [[strikethrough]] ( [[/strikethrough]] ([[underlined]] Aestrelata hasitata [[/underlined]]) from Virginia. (Acc. 30692; exchange).

Edw. Gerrard, Camden Town, London, England; three birds of paradise. (Acc. 29910; purchased).

Dr. W.L. Ralph, Utica, New York; nine specimens, from Florida, Texas, California, and Wyoming. (Acc. 30161, 30741, & 30758; gift.).

Dr. J. Hornung, [[underlined]] San Francisco [[/underlined]], Calif. twenty-five specimens from Africa, New Guinea, etc. (Acc. 29811; Exchange).

P.H. Sorënsen, Jakobhavn, Greenland; twenty-two specimens from Greenland. (Acc. 30044; Gift?).

P.H. Bray, Washington, D.C.; thirteen specimens from Madagascar. (Acc. 29645; Purchased).

Dr. L. Stejneger, National Museum, D.C.; twenty-one specimens from Bering Island. (Acc. 30232; gift).
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