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6.  What explorations (a) by members of the Museum staff, and (b)
under other auspices, have resulted in enriching the collections under
your care?

(a). None!

By Dr. W.L. Abbott, Trong, Lower Siam; in Lower Siam. (acc. 31341;31941).
By Branicki Museum, Warsaw, Russia; in Peru and Trancaspia. (acc. 32231).
By Albany Museum, Grahamstown, S. Africa; in South Africa. (acc. 31249; 32140).
By Princeton University, Princeton, N.J.; in Patagonia. (acc. 32297).
By Rev. James Wills, Antannarivo, Madagascar; in Madagascar. (acc. 31618).
By J.C. Ingersoll, Bowie, Md.; in Florida. (acc. 31019).
By Geo. D. Wilder, Pekin, China; in China. (acc. 31739).
By Rev, H. Th. Heyde, Vera Cruz, Mexico; in Central and South America. (acc. 31516).
By Provincial Museum, Victoria, B.C.; in British Columbia. (acc. 31158).
By A.W. Anthony, San Diego, Calif.; in Lower Calif. (acc. 31324; 31325;31667).
By Australian Museum, [Sydney, N.S.W.?] in Australia. (acc. 31081).
By Dr. E. A. Mearns, U.S.A., Ft. Myer, Va.; in New York. (acc. [[strikethrough]] 31120 [[/strikethrough]] 31110;31250).
By E. A. McIlhenny, Avery Island, La.; in Louisiana. (acc. 31120).
By California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, Cal.; in Calif. (acc. 31198).
By R.C. McGregor, Palo Alto, Calif,; in Western U.S. (acc. 31303; 31268).
By Dr. L. Stejneger, National Museum; in Japan. (acc. 31801).
By H.P. Attwater, San Antonio, Texas; in Texas. (acc. 31114).
By Joseph Grimwell, Pasadena, Calif.; in Calif. (acc. 32056; 31661; 31427).
By Rollo H. Beck, Berryessa, Calif.; in Calif. (acc. 31476).
By Oliver D. Flood, Clinton, Mass.; in Hawaiian Islands. (acc. 31072).
By Eugene Coubeaux, Saskatchewan, N.W. Ter.; in N.W. Ter. (acc. 31719).
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