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^[[encircled]] 7 [[/encircled]]

to marry Rohana even though her family are enemies of my family.

Ro hana said: You would not permit his marriage.You lie. He came here often to tell me of his heartache because you would not approve of our marriage.

Rihik's mother said: His words to me while he was alive were that if he were not permitted to marry Rohana he would kill himself.

All the people there cried in pity.

Rohana said: You would not approve of our marriage, because you emember [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] the old feud that existed between our families.

At the prayer session in the house of Rihik's parents that night there were many people, widows and young ladies. Rihik's mother asked the imam if she could open the [[strikethrough]] shroud [[/strikethrough]] ^[[coffin]] of Rihik. He said: Yes, but only open it to see the chest.

As she opened the [[strikethrough]] shroud [[/strikethrough]] ^[[coffin]], Rohana walked over to see the body. As she looked at it, the eyes of Rihik oepend.

Rohana exclaimed: He has opened his eyes, even though he is dead.

Rihik's father said to Rohana: Even though Rihik is dead, we shall treat you as our daughter in law.

Rohana said angrily: Why do you now want to treat me as a daughter in law. When Rihik was alive you did not even want to look at me.

As the imama bathed Rihik, the mother was crying. The father of Rihik said: My son, you are really a man of courage. You fulfilled your promise to kill yourself. After being bathed, the body of Rihik was placed ona white cloth. His mother said: Rihik is lying as if alive. His eyes are open, but he cannot talk. His soul [[strikethrough]] d [[/strikethrough]] is gone.

Rohana approached the white cloth where Rihik lay. She place coins wrapped in a handkerchief next to his body. This is a remembrance of my love to you. I truly loved you, but I shall live here on earth and not join you now.

Rihik's body was taken to the grave and buried. As the funeral party walked to the grave they sang a funeral dirge. While they were at the grave, it began to rain. At the grave, Rohana went wild with grife and tried to get into the grave with Rihik. Someone had to hold her to prevent her from jumping in. After a few moments, the imam covered the coffin with sand. As the imam poured water onto the grave, the ground moved as Rihik moved inside the grave. The immam said: He is moving because he wanted to live, but he died of his wound.

After the funeral Rohana went home to Sibutu with her parents. She said to the parents of Rihik: withint a month I will go to the office in Sandakan where Rihik was working. While she was working in the office of Rihik in Sandakan she had a dream that Rihick told her that she should go home. In her dream, Rihik said: Why do you live in a place which is not your home? Even if you go to the four corners of the earth you will still be my wife. You may go to the east, west, south or north, but I shall still follow you.
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