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^[[ [[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] ]]

After they decided on a price for the bull, they [[strikethrough]]went[[/strikethrough]]started to the place where the bull was kept.  Badun shot both the datu's son and his companion as they [[strikethrough]]walked ahead of him[[/strikethrough]]were on the truck to go see the bull.  Badun said:  I am now happy.  I have erased the shame of the datu.
Badun's companion was Damang.  The name of the datu's son's companion was Daran.  Daran had playing cards in his chest pocket.  When he was shot the queen of the cards was scattered in the truck (they were shot in the truck) as well as some coins.
Children and adults ran into the jungle in fear when they heard the shooting.  Badun had avenged the shame from the sultan's son.  The driver of the truck jumped out and ran to the jungle.  The collector of fares in the truck also jumped out and ran away.
Badun said:  Do not run away.  It is only the datu' son that I will kill.  I will kill no one else.  Come back, driver, and take the datu's son to his home place.  Take Daran to his wife.
The name of the datu's son was Datu Omar Ali.  He was an extremely arrogant man.
The driver drove the truck full speed with the bodies. 
 The truck sped into the town of Jolo.
The driver took the bodies to the colonel of the PC so he could inspect them.  The coloneal asked Immediately: 
 Who killed these men?
Unaing said:  Badun and Subtar were [[strikethrough]]kil[[/strikethrough]] the killers.
The colonel said:  I will go ask Ori to be sure.  (Ori was a passenger in the truck also).  I am going to investigate to see whose fault this is.  Perhaps Badun had just reason for killing the datu's son and his companion.
The father of the dead son (the datu) went to the PC station to file charges against Badun.  They decided upon a payment of money to settle the cause.  The governor said that if Badun would consent to pay the fine, he would let the case go.  The governor said to Norma, the widow of Datu Omar Ali:  Think over carefully before you make a decision regarding this case, so that in the future you will not [[strikethrough]]gret[[/strikethrough]] regret your decision. now.
Norma could not think clearly because she was also related to Badun.  She said to the governor:I will call Rasid and [[strikethrough]]Rohan[[/strikethrough]] Siron because they are very rich.
One afternoon everyone was in the house of the governor thinking of the case of Badun.  The [[strikethrough]]Governor be[[/strikethrough]] datu began to say:  I am going to give my decision now.  Norma stopped him and said:  I will be the one to talk.  If Badun wants to settle the case, he must give 40 young children to the father of Omar Ali.  If we ask only for money, it will be easy for them to meet our demands.
Norma went to the house of Badun and told him their demand.
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