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Narrator: Panglima adjarani Koja'asan
Birthplace: Lugus, Siasi
Rsidence in TT: Karundung for 12 years.
E. G.: Taosug
Age: 62
^[[C.S. M.
Nov' 1965, at Kanundung]] KATA-KATA

There [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] once were three brothers: Lajaramsik, the 1st; Lajabaginda, the 2nd; Lajabahara, the 3rd. The son of ^[[Sultan]] Lajarmsik is Nashin ^[[ ^Nasultan]] Nadidir Naduha.  The sone of Lajadahara is Balabudunjaman. When Balabudunjaman was born, his cord was not cut [[strikethrough]] . [[/strikethrough]] by the midwife.  He had been a 12 months baby instead of a 10 month. Upon his birth, he told his parents that he had a lover who was not yet born.  When he became a man and he fought against teh sons of the datus, he did not use a bolo, but simply pulled their heads off as one pulls of the heads of squids. ([[underlined]] Datu [[/underlined]] is a title indicating regal ancestry) There was a lady on the island of [[strikethrough]] Poia [[/strikethrough]] [[underlined]] Arang-arang Naga; [[/underlined]]^ [[and here is a handwritten note]] * ^ [[/and here is a handwritten note]] she was queen of the island. Lajarmsik was in love with this lady.  N. N. N. planned to go to the island to get the lady as his wife.  Lajarmsik was so strong that he could knock down trees.  The name of the kris of N. N. N. , a son of a datu, was called Makapanpanbalak Bagaapinalka.  Bal. took a long sleep of seven years, during which there were seven seasons of drought, and seven weeks.  When he awakened he went to the palace of Nubanu, his mother.  His mother said: The man must court the woman; the woman should not court the man.  N. N. N. asked Nubanau, his aunt, to shave his eyebrows so he could procede to the island of the woman he loved.  After his eyebrows were shaved, he tried on 99 different pieces of clothing, none of which fit him.  Finally he tried on the clothes which his father had worn as a young man, and they fit him.  After he was dressed he sat down and recited a magical chant; soon after a horse appeared outside his house complete with saddle and bridle.  He then picked up his Kris, named________, and mounted the horse.  While he was riding the horse, seven times it walked in the sky and seven times it walked on earth; he then stopped at the house of Lajabaginda (not the same man who was his brother's father).  Lajabaginda had a beautiful daughter.  *Lajabaginda asked N. N. N. where he was going; he replied that he was going to the island of the beautiful woman.  Lajabaginda warned NNN not to go to that island, because Laja'armsik (not the same man as his father's brother) was in love with that woman, and he was as strong as an elephant.  If he hit a tree with his Kris, all the branches and leaves would fall off the tree.  NNN said: I would not have come to this place if I also were not strong.  I am as strong as iron.  If Laja'armsil hits me with his Kris, it will become dull.  I am so strong that with my Kris, named________, I can push the sun back at sunset so that it will be noon again.  Lajabaginda told NNN to come up to his place and they would chew betel together.
*not known in July
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