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NNN tied up his horse and went into the house.  Lajabaginda told his daughter, Tuawnputanlih ^[[letters w, a, n struck through to correct name to Tuanputlih]] Tungal (Lit. 'only daughter'), to come out from behind the curtains and serve them betel nut.  The daughter came out and offered to betel to NNN in a gold betel case.  When the daughter waved her arms it thundered, and when she walked it lighteninged.  After a few moments when NNN had not taken any betel, Lajabaginda asked him: Why do you not chew betel? NNN replied: I am not accustomed to chewing betel along; your daughter should chew with me.

Lajabaginda said: You, daughter, take the betel from the case and give it to NNN.

But NNN took the betel and held it, but did not chew it.  After awhile Lajabaginda again asked, why do you not chew the betel?

NNN replied: I am not accustomed to chewing betel this way. You daughter should first bite off a peice, and then passed it to my mouth from her mouth.

The daughter passed the betel to him with her mouth.  NNN grabbed the girl to him and held her on his lap as he kissed her.  Lajabaginda then shouted, and said: I ^[[struck through 'was' replaced with 'once']] did the same trick on my wife, the mother of this girl.

Following this, they went to the imam and their wedding was solemnized.  The two young people were so in love that when they ate they fed their food to each other.  When they chewed betel, they prepared each other's cud and place it in their respective mouths.  Whereever they went in their home, NNN embraced his wife.  They were together so much that they were almost one; they ^[['y' struck through to correct to 'the']] only difference was that the man had short hair while the woman had long hair.

After they had been married for one week, Lajabaginda asked NNN: Will you still procede to the island where the beautiful lady lives?

NNN said: I had almost forgotten her while I have been with your daughter.  Even before that beautiful lady was born, I was in love with her.

NNN called to his wife and said: I am going to leave you.  I am going to the island where the beautiful lady lives. Her name is Tuanputlih Sinal Simanal.

NNN then gave his ring to his wife, and she gave hers to him.  NNN said: When the diamond on the ring I gave you is no longer clear, you will know that I am no longer alive.

NNN's wife said: I know that I am not your true lover, and it was my father that brought about our marriage.  So you go to the woman you love.

NNN mounted his horse, The horse took three steps, and NNN looked back to his wife and said: You had better go back into the house behind the curtains (tapestries serving as room dividers), and I will go to the island of the beautiful lady.

As he rode his horse, seven times it ran in the sky and seven times it ran on the earth.  He then stopped in front of the palace of the beautiful lady.  He then told his horse to go home, and he went up to the beautiful lady's palace.
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